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Affiliate Programs: is one of the most popular ways of marketing to make some money if you own a website and willing to share some space.

If explained simply, affiliate marketing requires an online business website to pay an associate web site money to send them traffic.

The agreement can specify either the number of people the website sends, or whether the traffic buys something or perform other actions.

In addition to selling products online, affiliate marketing can become a functional pathway to increase your site traffic.

The types of affiliate programs

The growth of the affiliate marketing sector has been shown to significant; according to the latest data, it is shown to be worth $12 billion and counting. Therefore, it is to be noted that affiliate programs can be multifaceted so the participants can earn from various sources.

According to the ongoing marketing programs, affiliate marketing has three types of avenues for business. The types are explained below;

  • Pay-per-sale: In this agreement, the merchant site reimburses an affiliate when they send them a client who buys something. Some merchant web sites pay the partner a percentage of the sale amount, while others may pay a fixed amount per sale.
  • Pay-per-click: As the name suggests, these programs have the merchant site paying the affiliate as per the number of visitors who click on a link to visit the merchant’s site. The visitor is not bound to buy anything, and the affiliate does not bear any kind of responsibility towards the action of the visitors in the merchant’s site.
  • Pay-per-lead: under these programs, the merchant pays the affiliate based on the number of visitors referred by them, known as leads. This entails the job of a visitor to fill out some forms to present some required information at the merchant site. This info may be used as a sales lead for the merchant website itself. However, it can be sold to other companies as a sales lead too.

Actually, these programs are not exclusive. The merchant site may design these programs on any action of the customers that benefit them. Moreover, the amount paid and the payment frequency will be decided among the affiliate partners and the merchant site itself.

Incidentally, it has been noted that affiliate marketing amounts for 15%-30% of the increase in marketing revenue by a well-placed marketing campaign.

The main benefit of affiliate marketing is the assurance of action that benefits the merchant and partner site.

Other than a traditional advertisement, where the less revenue income than the cost has to be fielded by the merchant company; affiliate marketing works when a pre-determined action occurs.

As the risk factors are significantly less, both the merchant site and the affiliate programs find these kinds of the program easy.

Some affiliate programs to be considered

So, if you have a website and wish to earn through affiliate programming, you can apply for various paying and high revenue-generating affiliate programs available.  

As affiliate marketing has been calculated to account for 15% of the total digital media revenue, working with a proper program will be both helpful and benefitting. Some of the affiliate marketing programs which can be considered are listed below;

  • Shopify
Affiliate Programs

It is essentially armed with an enterprise-level technology; providing sellers the services of a functional back-office without plentiful stock or a special resource. If you’re looking for a good and dependable high-earning affiliate program, Shopify can become a perfect choice for you.

The company offers a fixed contract-based affiliate program depending upon the plan chosen by the customer. The company provides a 100% commission on 1st and 2nd payment. There are different plans from where the affiliate can choose their need.

  • Kinsta
Affiliate Programs

This affiliate program provider is considered as the best candidate in WordPress hosting in all platforms; because of the property of taking care of all the requirements of a website, giving the proprietors the necessary time to focus on their business. The platform is easy-to-use, powerful, and very user-friendly. The installation is also really easy which comes with power-packed advanced features.

Kinsta offers a fixed commission added with 10% recurring monthly to the clients depending upon the plan chosen. The price range of the plans ranges from $30 to $1500.

  • SEMRush
Affiliate Programs
sem rush

This digital platform acts as a multifaceted and all-in-one marketing tool which becomes essential for digital marketing professionals. The platforms have pre-designed workflows for digital marketing professionals helping them in their SEO, paid traffic, social media, content, and PR to marketing efforts. The affiliate program provider offers its services to the benefit of e-commerce, other businesses, initiatives, and also the purpose of competitive research.

The affiliates can register free on the platform. It also pays a greater commission-rate to its affiliates than most of its competitors. A recurring commission of up to 40% is common and can be awarded for multiple deals. The plans range from $99.95 to $399.95 where the commission is awarded according to the plans.

  • The Six Figure Mentors
Affiliate Programs
The six figure mentors

The six-figure mentors are an organization that offers complete and all-inclusive tools and guidelines needed for the operations of digital marketing. It has a collection of resources to help individuals and businesses in the online arena and make money digitally. The company is especially known among the bloggers and website owners for providing them great deals through affiliate marketing. The company offers a fixed commission depending upon the plan chosen, and a recurring commission of $20 as long as the user stays active. For the student program, there is no entry fee.

  • Ninja Outreach
Affiliate Programs
Ninja outreach

It is an intelligent influencer marketing program that also helps the users the advantages of influencer analytics. The program essentially lists the business profiles and social media influencers for the users to find in all locations and subjects. The program only needs you to enter the keywords specific to the industry, which gives you an endless list of profiles and databases. Other than that, it also offers a well-paying affiliate marketing program.

Ninja Outreach provides a 20% recurring commission on its associate programs. After signing up, the user needs to be approved and can add the link to their websites. The price ranges from $119-$199/ month for a year.

  • Hubspot
Affiliate Programs
Hub spot

Hubspot is a well-known digital platform for online marketers. It is one of the largest digital platforms that offer it, users, an extraordinary set of incoming marketing tools.

Additionally, they also provide marketers with excellent and valuable content. Their affiliate program is designed to give the users a big opportunity to make a lot of income.

It is one of the highest-paying affiliate program, where earnings of $1000 per sale are also not unheard of. Their program offers a fixed commission but the user can earn more than that.

The pricing of the plans can range from $35-$2240 per year with the amount of commission being adjusted accordingly.

Choosing the platform accordingly

The list of affiliate programs for earning money does not end here. There are several other programs like Instapage, Drip, Food Blogger Pro, Capitalist Exploits, and many more to earn money.

However, you should choose your program accordingly. Look into their pricing, the duration of the cookie on your website, the commission you will get, and then go for the most appropriate affiliate program.

If handled correctly, this online strategy could become a perpetual money-maker.

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