5 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO: 2023 Edition

Best keyword research tools are trump cards When it comes to increasing the SEO ranking of your company. Yes, the integration of effective keywords can help grow the organic traffic of your website optimally.

Keywords are conventionally the words, phrases, or questions which help your targeted audience find your company’s services and products.

If you also want to integrate useful keywords for your company’s website, then in-depth keyword research is required.

So, given below are the 5 best SEO keyword research tools of 2020. These tools will help you do both basic and competitor based keyword research. So, without wasting time any longer, let’s get started.


SEMRUSH is more than just a keyword research tool. Its functionality is also somewhat different as compared to other keyword research tools.

If you have opted for SEMRUSH, then you will be able to do keyword research in multiple ways.

SEMRUSH Keyword Research Tool

With SEMRUSH, you can both look for seed keywords and keywords which increase the SEO ranking of your competitors.


SEMRUSH provides you the below features.

  • Keyword difficulty tool: Allows you to check the score of keyword complexity.
  • Keyword manager: This feature provides you with better keyword management and beneficial keywords. You can also add new keywords in a list and get regular updates about them.

The simplest way to optimize the tool of SEMRUSH is by putting your competitors’ URL in its search option. As soon as you do that, all the relevant keywords related to your search will pop up on the screen.

With these keywords, you can create compelling contents to increase your company’s SEO ranking. This is the reason that SEMRUSH is now widely accepted and used by a lot of companies across the globe.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner has witnessed an increasing number of users from the time it came into play. This is because all the bits of information you get from there come directly from Google.

Keyword Research Tool

If you want to use it as well, then you simply need to create a Google Ads account. The entire process will get over quickly if you already have a Google account.


The tool offers you features such as:

  • Top of Page Bid: This allows advertisers to bid on a particular keyword for a certain amount on a pay per click basis.
  • Free Usage: You can use Google Keyword Planner completely for free.
  • Useful Data from Google: When using Google Keyword Planner, you will get useful pieces of information directly from Google.

The free usage and retrieval of information directly from Google have what made this tool so popular and widely accepted.

3. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer is presently considered as one of the most sought-after keywords research tools for SEO. It gives you detailed information about each of your keyword searches effectively.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Not only this but, it also provides you comprehensive information on the number of clicks from a single result.


Ahrefs Keywords Explorer offers you the following features:

  • Clickstream data:  Shows you the number of clicks on the search engine.
  • Keyword Difficulty: Informs you about the number of backlinks you need to rank on the first page of Google.
  • Keyword Explorer:  Lets you do keyword research on some of the most popular platforms. These include YouTube, Google, Amazon to name just a few.

You can also make a list of keywords by targeting right away from the Ahrefs dashboard. This saves you a lot of your time since you don’t have to use excel.

These are some of Ahrefs’ attributes which have made it quite popular nowadays.

4. Google Trends

Google Trends is another keyword research tool for SEO which you can use for free. When you will use it, you will get data directly. There are chiefly two ways of using Google Trends.

One is by searching for a particular keyword and checking out its results on the ‘related queries’ section.

Google Trends

The second option allows you to search for a specific keyword in terms of its popularity. You can also learn how less or more popular it is in different countries.


Google Trends offers you features like:

  • Revamped Trending Search Section: Gives you useful data about the trendy keyword searches both on a regular and per-minute basis.
  • YouTube Search: Lets you see the popularity of a certain keyword on a famous search engine like YouTube.

The convenience of use that Google Trends offers has played a significant role behind its popularity.

5. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer gives you the finest results related to any of your keyword searches. It is currently considered as one of the smartest SEO keyword research tools.

Moz Keyword Explorer

This is because you will get unconventional bits of information related to your keyword search from here, unlike others. Once you create an account, you will get 10 free queries every month.


The two most popular features of Moz Keyword Explorer are:

  • Priority: Provides you the total score of a particular keyword to help you choose or reject it.
  • Organic CTR: This provides you the number of expectant clicks if you can achieve the target of the first 10 searchers.

Each of these tools have their distinctive functionalities. So, now that you know about the top 5 SEO keyword research tools, it’s time for you to choose one.

Let us know which one worked for your site, and what were the upsides as well as inconveniences while using them!

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