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These days it is very important to check the uniqueness of the content. So to find the uniqueness of the content you can find the list of best plagiarism checker websites which provides you the facility to check whether the content is original or not.

If you are working with writers so it’s important that their content should be original enough to avoid SEO penalty. It’s the duty of the content writer to make the content 100% original. Maybe at some point, you may find duplicate content so make sure that your content should not crash with any other content.

free plagiarism checker

After all the searches and research I have a list of Top 5 Best plagiarism checking websites. Depending on your usage and type of usage you can find the best of your choice so carefully read the whole article.

  1. Grammarly Online Plagiarism Checker

So here if you are in a vast field of research and you want to check your articles or blogs which you want to write and after that, you just want to check out your article that whether it is original or not so hold on this one is best for you.

Grammarly Online Plagiarism Checker

It also provides you to check the grammatical mistakes and spellings which may have occurred during writing the article then this one is perfect for you and it is used by many people.

  1. Quetext

This plagiarism checker is free for the users but here is a click that you can access this only 3 times with word limit 500 so be aware of that. This is popularly known by many because it is one of the best plagiarism checkers among all because it shows you all the links books etc.

top plagiarism checker

They have a higher plan also which starts with $9.99/month in which you can search 25,000 words in a single search so it depends upon the use that what you require.

  1. Unicheck

So if you are a professor or a worker in a corporate and you won’t mind spending money on this then this is suitable for you.

online plagiarism checker

They have a good interface with speed performance which will help you to complete your work in a quick and easy way so according to all this may be useful for you.

  1. Plagium

It is a very quick and easy tool for searching for duplicate content and have an average feature like a normal tool have so you can use this if you are comfortable with the requirements.

  1. Copyscape

It is one of the oldest and most widely known tool for checking plagiarism. You may not like the interface because it is very old and not so attractive and not only that they have also not moved from HTTPS which means people at Copyscape are not serious about this but overall it is a good plagiarism checker.

Source: Google

When you will visit the website you have to enter the URL in the space provided but is very effective tool so according to me if you are comfortable with everything then you can use this otherwise choose for others. 

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