Bluehost vs A2hosting in 2020? User’s opinion

Want to know which one is better Bluehost or A2hosting?? Every aspiring business owner wishes to have his/her own website one day.

If you are also one of them and are planning to host your WordPress website, then you must read through the below-given information table where we have listed down the winner for different factors.

Wondering what Bluehost vs A2hosting is all about?

Well, two of the most lucrative web hosting platforms at the moment is that of Bluehost and A2hosting. Both platforms help you to host your website effectively.

As you will read through this entire write-up, you will get a clear idea that how the platforms of Bluehost and A2 hosting simulate as well as differ from each other in many ways.

In the end, you can also decide quite effectively that which of these platforms meets your needs and requirements in terms of hosting your website in the best possible way.


An Introduction to Bluehost and A2hosting

So, let’s get a quick introduction to both Bluehost as well as A2hosting.

Bluehost began its journey in the year 2003 and as an offshoot of

Bluehost is currently considered as one of the most popular web hosting providers and is already hosting legions of websites all across the globe.

When you contact Bluehost to host your WordPress website, it will instantly give you a couple of beneficial facilities like an SSL Certificate along with a free domain name.

Not only this, but Bluehost also gets you a complete money-back guarantee of 30 days, so that you check out their services in a hassle-free manner.


On the other end, A2hosting tries to provide you a comprehensive web hosting service to boost up your website amongst your targeted audience.

Just the way Bluehost does, A2hosting also gives you a complete money-back guarantee if you don’t find their services in accordance with your personal needs and requirements.

A2hosting also provides you the liberty to choose your own data center so as to avail of their services effectively.

a2 hosting

Features of Bluehost vs A2hosting


So, when it comes to talking about the features of both these platforms, it always better to start with Bluehost for it provides you a lot more convenient and user-friendly features as compared to A2hosting.

When you will hook up with Bluehost, some of the compelling features which you can expect from it are 1-click installers, free domain name SSL, unmetered bandwidth, etc. which will definitely help you to start your business in the best possible way.

Bluehost stands out from A2hosting in the way that, it helps you to boost up your business in a step by step manner.

Firstly, they will allow you to host a single website through their starter shared hosting plan and will then allow you to stoop up to more expensive plans to host a lot of websites at a go to garner ample marketing credits for your website.



A2hosting, on the other end, remains ahead than Bluehost in terms of providing a greater number of features.  So, let’s begin with the money-back guarantee it offers.

Just like Bluehost, A2hotsing also offers you a 30-day money-back assurance if you do not like their service. Not only this, but A2hosting also gets you the facility of unused hosting as well as pro-rated refund services.

Also, when it comes to hosting your website effectively, this particular web hosting platform provides you the facility of multiple hosting platforms rather than providing a single one. 

Some of the web hosting options that it offers include both managed and unmanaged server, core server, discount SSD server, etc.

Remember, that A2hosting offers you these web hosting platforms chiefly through their VPS plans. What’s more, with every of its web hosting plans, A2hosting also offers the facility of a free site migration to every one of its customers.

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Customer Care Service of Bluehost vs A2hosting

Well, when it comes to getting a feasible customer care service to their users, both Bluehost and A2hosting go hand in hand.

The former provides its customer care support both via live chat and phone and do not communicate via emails any longer whereas the latter provides all the three modes of communication i.e. phone, email as well as live chat.

Hence, you might have to face a good deal of problems if you run out time to go for a live chat session with Bluehost and simply leave your query or complaint to them via email. As a result, your requirements might not get satisfied in any way.

A2hosting on the other end remains all the time ready to clarify and resolve any of doubts or problems via streamlined live chat session service.

A team of professionals is knowledgeable enough to guide you at every step and give you the most valuable advice and suggestions from time to time so that you can manage and host your website in a hassle-free manner.

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Usage Convenience of Bluehost vs A2hosting

When you are hooked up with either Bluehost or A2hosting, managing your web hosting account won’t be a hassle at all. The only reason is both the platforms provide the facility of cPanel access to all its users.

Besides, both Bluehost and A2hosting offer 1-click installers which help their users to install certain website scripts such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, etc. within a short span of time.

Moreover, if you have decided to use Windows hosting along with A2hosting, you will automatically get access to Plesk to manage your web hosting account successfully.


How is their Page Speed and Uptime?

Well, these two aspects form the most essential part when choosing from any of these two web hosting platforms.

With the booming development of technology, almost every other web hosting platform out there offers an optimal speed as well as uptime for your website.

Both in terms of page loading speed and uptime, Bluehost always remains ahead in the curve as compared to A2hosting.

Where Bluehost can load pages 94% faster as compared to another website, A2hosting lags behind at a speed of 10% and can load a page of your website 84% faster as compared to other web hosting sites.

Just the way, the page speed and uptime of both Bluehost and A2hosting have been assessed, now it’s time to pay heed that how effectively can each of them survive a traffic surge.

In this regard, there is actually a very effective tool named Load Impact. Say for instance, with this particular tool you are sending more than 100 visitors at a time to visit your website.


This particular test has already been performed both on Bluehost and A2hosting and it has been proved that Bluehost can endure a traffic surge of more than 100 visitors consistently.

On the other end, it was seen that when the number of visitors came close 40 on the site of A2hosting, its website got a bit slow and came back to its normal state after a certain while.

So, even if any of you perform the same test to assess the traffic endurance capacity of both Bluehost and A2hosting, undoubtedly the winner will be the former unlike the latter.

Price Options offered by Bluehost vs A2hosting

Ever since both the web hosting platforms have come into play, Bluehost has always remained ahead of the curve in terms of affordability.

So, without wasting time any further, let’s have a look at the web hosting plans provided by both Bluehost and A2hosting and how both of them vary to a great extent in terms of offering price options.

  • For Shared: $3.92 /mo.(A2hosting) and $3.92 /mo.(Bluehost)
  • For WordPress:$3.92 /mo. (A2hosting) and $2.75 / mo.(Bluehost)
  • For Managed WP: $11.99 / mo.(A2hosting) and 19.95 / mo. (Bluehost)
  • For VPS:$5 / mo. (A2hosting) and $19.99 / mo. (Bluehost)
  • For Dedicated:$99.59 / mo. (A2hosting) and $79.99 / mo. (Bluehost)

So, now you have understood quite well that Bluehost will always remain ahead of A2hosting in terms of providing affordable price options for each of the platforms mentioned above including that of WordPress, shared as well as dedicated servers.

However, for those who are using A2hosting can avail way cheaper plans for the VPS platform as compared to Bluehost. It also provides you much cheaper plans when it comes to the platform of WordPress as well.

Nevertheless, Bluehost is a much more feasible option in terms of providing affordable services, unlike A2hosting. So, now you are aware of the nitty-gritty of both Bluehost and A2hosting, it’s up to you that which of the web hosting platforms you are going avail for your website.

Bluehost vs A2hosting pricing

Let’s Wrap Up!

So, after you have read the entire write-up given above, you have already understood by now that Bluehost is a much more feasible option for you to opt for.

The first and foremost reason behind this is the cost-effective services it provides aside providing a much more comprehensive customer care assistance as compared to A2hosting.

Although you will find a lot of differences between these two platforms, there are a number of similarities as well, whether it’s in terms of uptime and page loading speed, ease of use, etc.

Well, whatever the case is, you must only choose the one that caters to your web hosting requirements in the best possible way.

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