Top 10 Sites To Buy High-Quality Backlinks: 2023 Edition

Every digital marketer wants to buy high-quality backlinks. Backlinking is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is a digital marketing strategy that aims to improve website traffic and visibility by improving its SERP ranking.

As Google is the biggest search engine in the world with more than 70% market share, most SEO experts optimize their websites to rank higher on Google’s search results.

All the aspects of SEO involve optimizing the website and its content in such a way that it catches the attention of the search engine’s algorithm.

That’s why backlinking is one of the most important aspects of modern SEO.

What Is Backlinking?

If you are new to blogging and SEO, then you might be confused about what a backlink really is. To put it quite simply, a backlink for a webpage is an “inbound” link for that website from another.

When Google launched its search engine in the past, backlinks were the most important metric that it used for ranking sites. If a webpage had more backlinks, then it was assumed to be more reliable and accurate.

However, many web developers started to take advantage of this arrangement and started to spam the internet with backlinks all over. 

In 2012, Google announced the “Penguin Update”, which has completely revolutionized the way that the search engine works.

The mechanism of the Google search engine is a closely guarded secret. It is also safe to assume that the functionalities and mechanisms are dynamic and constantly evolving.

However, data analytics have shown SEO experts that black hat techniques like spamming won’t work anymore. To rank #1 on Google’s search results, web pages have to focus primarily on keywords, content, images,  backlinks, and relevance at the same time.

How Is Backlinking Even Helpful?

Apart from directly affecting how your webpage is viewed by the Google search engine, backlinking also offers a host of other advantages. Here are some of them.

  • Referral Traffic: If a backlink to your website is placed in a trusted and well-known platform with lots of relevance, then you can expect a rise in referral traffic.
  • Efficient Indexing: Google’s search engine algorithm will be able to index your website faster and this will drastically improve your ranking on the SERP.
  • Increase Organic Ranking: Data analytics have shown that good-quality backlinks on reliable platforms will definitely enhance the organic ranking of your website.

If you are thinking of devoting some resources for backlinking, here are some of the places where you will be able to buy high-quality backlinks for very cheap prices.

1. Black Hat Links

Although you might have second thoughts because of the name, this is one of the most reliable websites that you can use to purchase backlinks.

However, this website only accepts backlink orders in bulk. For example, you can only place orders for fifty to two hundred well-placed wiki or do-follow backlinks.

Black Hat Links,buy backlinks cheap,

They will schedule the backlink creation and posting for a week, and you will be able to see tangible results in a very short time.

2. Links Management

If you are looking for budget backlinks that are of very high-quality, then Links Management is probably the best seller you can go to.

Links Management,buy dofollow backlinks        ,

They will be able to place static and permanent backlinks for you on pages of all rankings and at extremely low prices.

Also, their link placement is manual and organic, and you won’t be flagged by Google as bots. They offer very exciting discounts and bulk services too.

3. PostLinks

Using PostLinks, you will be able to buy high-quality backlinks at very nominal prices. All of their links will be placed organically on highly reputed publishing websites, directories, etc.

PostLinks,buy backlinks co,

All of the backlinking is done in a very professional and legitimate way, and you will not have to risk being flagged as spam.

Their services are very efficient and you will notice tangible results within a couple of days only.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is actually an umbrella marketplace for freelance professionals looking for buyers for the services that they can provide.

Fiverr,backlink packages        ,        buy dofollow backlinks,

You will be able to find freelancers who will provide you with good-quality backlinks for prices as low as 5 USD.

However, make sure you go through the reviews and credentials of the freelancer before you purchase their services. If they end up giving you bad links, disavowing can be an extremely tedious process.

5. The Five Dollar Links

Five Dollar Links is a marketplace where you will be able to purchase backlinks of very high quality, for as little as 5 dollars.

The links provided by this platform are of extremely high quality and they all include news platforms, directories, etc. that get a large amount of traffic.

This platform will also help you manage your backlinks and provide you with reliable evaluations and reports that could be crucial to your continued growth.

6. is a very popular marketplace that you can use to buy backlinks of very high quality.

According to the number of backlinks you need and their quality, the rates and prices vary. On the whole, this platform is extremely affordable.,buy quality backlinks cheap,

They will allow you to get started on your link building campaign immediately and will provide you with assured results and enhanced traffic as well. You can pay for your purchases with PayPal, cards, etc.

7. UpWork

Like Fiverr, UpWork is a platform where freelancers can sell their services. There are hundreds of certified and accredited backlink providers on UpWork whose services you can purchase.

UpWork, high quality backlinks free,free backlinks sites,

For very nominal fees, you will be able to purchase a respectable quantity of very high-quality backlinks. These professionals do not use automated tools and spam techniques and approach all of their link building work in an organic and reliable manner.

Make sure you go through their portfolio before purchasing.

8. is a Russian website where you can buy high-quality backlinks and link building programs at very nominal prices.

This service caters to all kinds of niches and content creators, so you will be able to see tangible results immediately.,1000000 free backlinks,

The links are of extremely high quality, and can be filtered according to domain authority, outbound links, etc.

Make sure that you have Translate enabled on your browser because the website is primarily coded in Russian/Cyrillic.

9. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is a well-known digital marketing and SEO exchange forum, where you can buy high-quality backlinks at very cheap prices.

Warrior Forum, high domain authority sites for backlinks

Apart from using this forum to buy high-quality backlinks, you can also follow the discussions and posts to gain additional knowledge.

You will be able to purchase backlinks to very high-ranked and reputed websites like Forbes, Mashable, BuzzFeed, TechCrunch, etc.

10. LinkWheel.Pro

You can use this platform to buy high-quality backlinks (.edu) at very nominal prices. .edu backlinks are very relevant and highly ranked, and can thus enhance the organic ranking of your website exponentially.


This is because .edu websites are generally highly trusted by audiences and search engines alike.

They offer backlinks in the form of packages, so you can pick the one that’s suitable for you.

Signing off

These are the top 10 websites where you will be able to buy high-quality backlinks and inbound links at very competitive and nominal prices.

Devote to a comprehensive link building strategy today and start enjoying higher revenue!

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