9 Ways to Earn Money With Your Blog in 2023

Searching for ways to earn money with your blog? Blogging is a well-known and liked activity in cyberspace. It started in 1994, although it was known by a different name back then. In 1997, the term “weblog” came into being, which was later shortened to “blog”.

The reach of the whole world made it into a popular expression media, along with the privacy of specific ownership ensures the unadulterated, pure, and organic content. 

A popular medium

The popularity of blogging is still an ongoing event; the number tells it all. There are 152 million blogs on cyberspace, which comprise 25% of all the websites present on the web.

Therefore, it is not strange that a huge number of established digital marketers consider blogging as their top inbound marketing priority.

With an immense reach of 77% of the total internet user, blogs have been utilized to conduct B2C marketing for quite some time now.

So, a blogger could be earning money from their efforts; which is evident from reports of bloggers earning up to $150000 per year.

The ways to make money

Getting good reviews and accolades for your content is a good thing, but you have to remember that you are also paying the bills.

Normally, a blog with all the bells and whistles, in terms of functionality and features, does not come free. So, to ensure that you can earn money with your content along with the praises, read on further.

These ways are applicable for bloggers of any age, inclination, or content. 

1. Using Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a platform powered by Google which gives the blogger the power to feature related advertisements on their pages. The blogger would have to be approved by the platform.

Using Google AdSense

To get the approval, the person in charge of the blog will be required to submit it to the specified website. He or she has to fill in other details like name, address, contact, blog subject, etc.

After it has been checked by the relevant people at the platform, it will be approved if it adheres to quality standards.

2. Allowing banner ads

This is just like the banner space on the road, but here space is in your blog. You actually rent out space to the companies. Many established companies are already using this way to earn money.

 Allowing banner ads

So basically, you have to enter into an agreement with the company interested in your blog space; depending upon the contract, the client company will pay you upfront and use the banner space.

You can also charge different prices for different sizes of ads. It also pays very well.

3. Writing paid reviews

Have a habit of checking the reviews before deciding on a specific product or service? Well, although it sounds false, the truth is that most of the reviews have been paid to be positive.

Writing paid reviews

Statistics say that even in 2015, it increased by 95% than in 2014.  So, you can also meet with companies to put up their reviews in your blog, or write a positive review about them, and earn big money in the process. 

4. Using client link for SEO

Presence in more than one web resource ensures better places in the ranks of a Google search. Some companies may require just that.

client link for SEO

You can earn money by having an agreement with the concerned to place their needed keywords in your content or put a text link on your blog for their website.

However, you must be careful to put the links in a suitable context. 

5. Put up video contents

Videos are more effective in presenting information in a short time.

Companies are also more willing to pay more for video content than just text or pictures.

video contents,Earn Money With Your Blog

The utility of visual media is verified by the report that 71% of digital marketers use visual media as the preferred content marketing strategy.  

6. Affiliate Marketing

This method also makes use of the banner about other peoples’ products or write a positive review about them.

However, the approach is completely different. Usually, in writing paid reviews, or putting up a banner, a client company pays a fixed amount on a monthly or per-content basis.

Affiliate Marketing,Earn Money With Your Blog

In this method, you will be paid a percentage of the amount the product generates after a cell. The share may go up to 80% of the sale amount. 

The blogger will be provided by a Unique Tracking Link (UTL), which will inform the company of any sale made through that link. The holder of that UTL will be paid according to the agreed sum with the client.  

7. Trade Your Own Stuff

This is also a great way to earn through your blog, however, it may take some time to reach that stage.

You can sell software, plugins, books, video content; whatever you like in your blog. Your blog has to mark its place on the internet and its users.

Sell Own Stuff,can you really make money blogging

Once there is a following of your content, and your content is considered as an authoritative and trusted source of information, you can use that platform to sell things and make money on your own.  

8. Utilizing audience interest

You can use internal data to make a nice profit. See what kind of content is drawing the most traffic to your web resource.

Utilizing audience interest,how to make money blogging for beginners

Determine the requirement of the visitors to your blog and create a product around it. The audience will be most interested in at least try out your product.

9. Marketing by CPA

This is one of the modern approaches to earning bloggers are using. CPA stands for “cost per action”; which can be anything, filling a form, submitting contact information, or giving financial details, etc.

Marketing by CPA,Earn Money With Your Blog

The blogger’s job is to drive his or her audience on the specified webpage and take action. The company will pay just for that action, no need for a sell to happen. 

Using multiple approaches

The Blog is still a safe space to express your views and opinion about everything and without any external policing or surveillance.

The aforementioned ways of earning from a blog can be used simultaneously; provided the agreement for the client permits so.

The blogger only has to maintain the quality and the place in cyberspace and he or she can generate a considerable amount of revenues. 

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