How to add Opt-Ins and PopUp Forms in Your website

In this article we will see how we can add Opt-In and Popup forms in our website. So login to your email service provider (in my case it is MailChimp ) and click on the list


Signup form for Sidebar

You will see different kinds of signup form to create, so for your sidebar in the website you can choose Embedded forms


Now you will see different options,which you can modify according to your requirement. And at the bottom you will see copy/paste option.


So you just needs to paste this code in your website,so that we can somebody signup using this form their information will be sent back to mailchimp and they will be added to our list.

So now if you want to add into your website ( for WordPress users) just login to your dashboard

So just come down to APPEARANCE -> WIDGETS

AddOptinForm4 1

Now you can drag Custom Html to your sidebar and then just copy the code from your MailChimp and paste it here. Now just open up your website and the form will appear on your sidebar( You need to have a sidebar enabled, generally it is by default in the blog page)


Signup form for Subscriber PopUp

Now if you want a subscriber Popup to appear on the website. Go again to Audience -> SignUp forms -> Subscriber pop-up


You can design the popup according to your requirement including the look and feel of the form. After designing the form you need to copy and paste the code onto your website.

Now after copying the code, login to your WordPress dashboard and you need to paste it in the header of the code. You can do it via installing a plugin called Insert Headers and Footers


After installing and activating the plugin, you just need to go to Settings->Insert Headers and Footers


Just paste the code and click on save. Now just refresh your website and see the magic yourself. Now all the people filling the details in the popup will directly add to our list.

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