How to create an email campaign via MailChimp

Through an email campaign, you can reach out to millions of customers online and promote your products/services. The process is very easy, you just need to login to your MailChimp account.

EmailMarketingCampaign1 1

Click on email campaign -> Just fill out any Campaign name


Now you will see this screen where you can select the audience you want to send an email. You can send to all the members in the list or group them.


After you have selected your audience you need to fill the subject line with the preview text. In preview text, you can add anything which supports your subject line and helps to get people open more email.


Now you can select a template from various options available.


You can modify the content, subject line and put up the link to your website.

Additionally, you can include a button, images also according to your requirements.


Now you are all set to send the email. Before sending an email you can send a test email to your email id so that you can look to it that everything is perfect.


Also before sending the email, you can configure Google Analytics so that you can track down how many users have visited your website from this email id. You can do it by visiting the Setting & Tracking option at the bottom of the page.


I hope this helps to get you started.

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