Kinsta Hosting Review 2020

Whether you are an entry-level blogger or whether you have been doing it for a long time, having a managed Word Press hosting service at your disposal can always be of great help.

In the world of WordPress web hosting, there are many names, but one that has been creating a lot of buzz lately is Kinsta.

Kinsta Word Press Web Host

Kinsta is one of the fastest WordPress hosting services that are available today. Not just that, Kinsta is also one of the most secure hosting services making it the top choice among the WordPress Users.

Be it a small scale blogger or a large one, everyone can subscribe to the services of Kinsta as there are a number of different plans that suit the different needs of people.

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However, before you subscribe to the services of Kinsta WordPress Web Hosting, it may be worthy for you to do some amount of research on it and ensure that it really is worth the hype.

Read through as here is a review on all that you would ever want to know about the Kinsta Hosting service right from the experts.

The beginning of Kinsta

The Kinsta web hosting service came into existence in 2013 and ever since then, they have been providing outstanding performance in order to become the choicest hosting service among the WordPress users.

The best part about Kinsta is the kind of security that they have been providing to the users along with the flexibility in terms of plans.

kinsta Security

So, even if you a new blogger you may go for the $30/ monthly plan. It is true that there are some other premium WordPress hosting services that may offer you plans at even lower prices, but they do not provide as many facilities as Kinsta.

Ease of management

As mentioned earlier though there are other hosting services that you will get at a comparatively lower price, the fact remains that Kinsta offers you much more in terms of management.

In fact, they go much beyond just looking after some aspects of the management. They ensure that your site gets hosted in such an environment that has been optimized for WordPress websites.

kinsta hosting review

Total Security and backup

Among the features of the Kinsta hosting service are important tasks such as securing your website along with caching and ensuring that there is a proper backup for your WordPress website.

These tasks usually take away a lot of time and you do not get to concentrate on matters like the up-keeping quality of your blog or the main motives of your business.

Kinsta, kinsta pricing

Sometimes when you keep so many tasks in your own hand, there are chances that you might go wrong somewhere.

By taking all of this off your shoulders, Kinsta ensures that everything is well taken care of and there are little chances of anything going wrong.

Good for newcomers

If you are new to the world of WordPress, then to Kinstais of great use to you. By taking care of all the other needs related to the blog, you can relax and concentrate on creating quality content.

If you lack familiarity with the Word Press functionalities, it is always advisable to start with such helpful managed hosting services such as Kinsta rather than only doing selections on the basis of price.

Kinsta hosting

With time, you will actually be able to learn the various features for yourself and then you can decide whether you would like to continue with Kinsta or you would like to shift to some other provider.

Get specialized services

Most of the web hosting services that you may have come across so far are usually not dedicated to WordPress alone.

Hence, they are not able to provide the kind of specialized service that you may be looking for in your WordPress page. But in Kinsta their sole point of focus is WordPress as they provide hosting service for WordPress alone.

Thus their entire team is prepared in such a way that they are able to provide all the support that you are looking for as a WordPress user.

specialized services

In fact, some of the staff who are engaged in Kinsta now have also played a role in the development of the WordPress software itself.

So, it is obvious that they have deep knowledge of the working of Kinsta and they will be able to offer you every kind of help that you are looking for.

Faster loading time

Another interesting feature of Kinsta that makes it highly recommendable to the WordPress users for 2020 is that it has a much faster loading time.

It has been observed that people tend to click away from the pages that have a very slow loading time.

So, when you opt for Kinsta they ensure that their users do not suffer from any kind of problem in this regard.

Kinsta loading

Further, they also offer a much lesser downtime as well. Also, there are much lesser performance issues recorded with regard to Kinsta as compared to all of the other hosting platforms for WordPress.

The Kinsta Clouds

The clientele of Kinsta includes such prestigious names such as Spotify, Best Buy, HTC, and Coca Cola. This is mainly because Kinsta uses the Google Cloud Infrastructure which is the best.

With the collaboration that they have from Google Cloud, they are able to ensure a much smoother experience to their users. Often it has been seen that websites that go viral fail to keep up with the traffic.

Kinsta Clouds

But when you have the support of Google to yourself you can be sure that no matter what amount of traffic that you face, you will very well be able to manage it at all times.

Daily and hourly back up

As mentioned earlier, Kinsta does the backup business for you all by itself so you have nothing to worry about that regard.

In fact, the backup mechanism of Kinsta is so good that they even provide daily backup services.

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If you want to take this ahead you may even subscribe to their hourly back up or six hourly backup plans at a minimal extra cost.

Any time that you want you can access these backups and use them for any purpose that you would like.

Staging the site

No matter which plan of Kinsta do you opt for you also get access to their staging site which is the best place for you to try out your new plugins, website customizations, or for that matter anything new before you actually put it out on your live site.

But if you think that you will have to do all the hard work twice. Well, then that is not the case. All that you have to do after the trial is just one click and the changes will get incorporated in your live site as well.

Well, after considering all the above features and the reviews that have been coming from the users, it may be safe to say that Kinsta is going strong for WordPress in 2020 as well.

Needless to say, if you are planning to host a site, Kinsta can surely be a great option!

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