Linkedin marketing strategy: How to use Linkedin for beginners 2023 Guide

Looking for the best Linkedin marketing strategy guide?

Why do we need a LinkedIn marketing strategy? We all know Linkedin is a social networking service for professionals. But let me tell you that Linkedin is also a great platform for marketing.

You can directly market your product to business owners, decision-makers.

Linkedin is a very powerful tool for lead generation. In this article, I will cover everything about Linkedin Marketing strategy.

Whether you are looking for generating leads for sales, generating leads for recruiting, or business connections Linkedin is something which you can’t afford to miss. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Start Optimizing your Linkedin Profile

Linkedin is like an online resume where people will see your profile and get the impression about you.

Your Linkedin Profile should be fully optimized as it will generate trust among customers whom you want to work with.

So the 1st step of Linkedin Marketing is optimizing your profile.

Profile Picture:-

Linkedin Profile Picture
  • Before clicking on your profile the 1st thing they will see is your face and so you want to leave a good impression.
  • Your background should not be distracting and your face should pop up out in the image.
  • Best practice to have a face and little shoulder in your image.
  • Make sure your photo is high quality and professional
  • Smile if possible

Cover Photo:-

Linkedin Cover Photo

Do not leave your Linkedin background photo empty. You can have a headline of the pain point of your customers in your cover photo or you can show some social proof in your LinkedIn background.

Tools to design your background photo: CANVA.COM and type Linkedin Banner. You will get a lot of templates which you can customize according to your requirement.


Linkedin Headlines
  • Headlines are extremely important because when you view other profiles, people will see your headlines.
  • Headlines are most important as if your headlines are not speaking directly to your audience then people will not connect with you.
  • In your headlines make it clear how you bring value to others.
  • You have 120 characters in your headline

Linkedin Summary:-

Linkedin Summary
  • Use call to action in your summary like Feel free to drop me a message at
  • Don’t use big paragraphs, keep it short, concise, and simple.
  • You may want to show your achievements in order for customers to trust you.


Linkedin Experience
  • List down all the accomplishment you have achieved in your experience.

Edit your Public URL:-

Go to and edit your custom URL with your name like where XYZ is your name.

The above 6 points are enough to optimize your profile and get started.

Step 2: Start building reputation on Linkedin

You need to build yourself some reputation over Linkedin and that can be done by producing content on Linkedin consistently, engaging with others on the same niche by commenting, liking other posts.

Always remember the Golden rule which is applicable to all the platforms that you don’t want to talk always about yourself but also helping others to achieve their goals.

Share interesting news, articles, or videos through status updates.

how to do linkedin marketing

Find and join Linkedin groups relevant to your profession. Engage and leave comments on other posts.

Add value to others by solving problems. Engage with other members.

Step 3: Defining your Ideal customers

You should have clarity on whom you are trying to reach out to because if you will not have any idea then you will not how to get the start or connects with your customer.

For most of the cases you might want to reach out to the founders, Directors, Owners of certain companies as they are decision-makers, and having the ability to buy your product or services.

Go to the Search box on the top of Linkedin. Click on All filters so that you can filter out your customers on the basis of Locations, Companies, etc.

Linkedin marketing

Go to Locations and select the city or country in which you want your customers to be in.

Linkedin marketing

Go to Title and type something like this-> “Founder” OR “Director” OR “Owner”. What this will do is it will display the people title who have this certain keyword in their title.

Now you will get a list and you can send them a connection request. You can also add a Note to increase the chances of acceptance.

In the Note, you can say something basic like I help people in growing their business online and would love to connect with you to understand your business.

Note:- Do not send over 100 connections request per day else your account may get banned temporarily.

So now you should start sending them connection requests because when they accept your connection request you can send them message for free. So try to send at least 90-95 connection requests per day.

Reaching out to your Customers

Would you be open to connecting with me on Linkedin? I would love to follow your updates in my feed.

You can send them this kind of note while sending them connection requests.

Once your customer has accepted your invitation. Go ahead and shoot them a message.

While sending them messages you should keep these things in mind.

  • Keep it short
  • The message should not look too much sales kind of message
  • You should address the pain point of the customers.
  • Follow up (after a week)

Converting the message into meeting

LinkedIn is a social networking forum that is used by professionals worldwide.

For most people, though, the number of connections that they make on the app is just a statistic.

However, you need to transcend this barrier.

You need to start taking concrete steps to convert LinkedIn connections to appointments and then to employment opportunities.

Here are some tips using which you can convert your 1st-degree LinkedIn connections into appointments.

  1. Think up a catchy subject line

If you are reticent about contacting your connection over the LinkedIn app, the best thing to do is shoot them a professional email.

To ensure that it catches their attention, you have to think up a catchy and interesting-sounding subject line.

It should be something that catches their fancy. It could be something simple or something humorous – totally your call.

  1. Remember what you have in common

If you remember where you met them, try to bring that up in the email.

Try to start the conversation in a natural way, by bringing up causes and topics which you both have in common.

For example, you both might know the same people, or this person might have been the author of an article you liked.

  1. Give them something of value

If things go well, you can convert this LinkedIn connection into a valuable associate.

To do that, you should offer them something of value – like a copy of a book, an invitation to a seminar, a cup of coffee, lunch, etc.

With these tips, you will be able to convert your LinkedIn connections into meaningful appointments.

Once your customer responds to your message positively, now you can go ahead and fix a meeting.

Linkedin message


So now go ahead and start networking on Linkedin. Do remember the golden rule, you need to provide value first before trying to sell anything.

Let me know what Linkedin strategy you are practicing to grow your business in the comments below.

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