6 Things to Do in COVID Lockdown

Wondering about things to Do in COVID Lockdown? Quarantined in your home during the lockdown phase? Are you looking for something to make do while this period of problems persists?

This is a common problem in almost all spheres of life now. However, some of the depressing situations may be averted by engaging in other activities in this period. Read on to know more.

The reason to stay engaged

For people, it is now essential to be engaged in some kind of paid activity.

As per the reports, even established international companies have laid off 10-20% of their workforce.

To counter the effects of this depressing yet stark situation, the most effective way is to utilize the appropriate and available options. 

Some ways to cope 

There are some ways to cope with this situation and more so, there should be preparations for the near and very possible future with similar developments.

Let us first concentrate on the means to manage the present situations, whereas we can discuss the ways to prepare for it. Here are some of the pathways you can follow;

1. Earn through Survey

Although not a new thing, this is a good way to earn some money.

There are many websites that do an online survey and depending upon your performance, the rewards can be substantial.

Mostly, the websites need you to create an account with them.

The surveys can constitute any topic-healthcare, consumer products, education, lifestyle, and many others. 


2. Do an online course from LinkedIn

You are staying in your house, so why not develop and better a new skill at this time?

Using LinkedIn learning to learn a new course will be a great thing.

The platform provides courses on various topics and designed for a wide collection of individuals.

They have video tutorials, skill-based personalized learning, and many other things.

The training may be helpful in your future endeavors. 


3. Start your own Blog

There are plenty of reasons to start your own blog. One of the most important reasons is that you can make a decent amount of money from it and be financially free.

There are other reasons as well e.g. it will help you to improve your writing skills, you can build your online brand, etc.

4. Give your house a makeover

You can rearrange the furniture, change the blinds, and generally give a new look to your home, which you were waiting to do for quite some time.

Although, going for a massive paint job may not be feasible, but you can always alter small things to change the mood of the place you live in. 

5. Pay attention to your health

Due to the restriction of movement and not being able to access the gym, an effect on the general health will be apparent.

However, you can keep the practice by doing yoga, free-hands, or workouts that don’t need instruments.

Video classes are now also provided by several fitness companies about the different training regimes to follow in the quarantined state.

6. Prepare for the next crisis

This situation may pass but will not be the end.

Therefore, it will be a good thing to stock up on essentials, keep sanitizers and personal protective equipment handy, and be prepared if a serious disaster like this strikes again.

The early preparation will help in combating any future catastrophe. 

Staying safe and well

In this pandemic situation, it is better to maintain the distancing and follow other health advisories as suggested by the experts.

Staying safe and healthy should be the ultimate directives.

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