Divi vs Elementor? Which theme is the best?

Looking for a complete guide on Divi vs elementor theme?

A theme is something that provides attractiveness to your website, work, UI interface.

We all know that technology is developing in leaps and bounds.

Gone are the days, when you required hiring web page builders to create high-quality web pages for your company.

In this context, let’s get a bit more specific.

People who are professional WordPress users must have heard of Divi and Elementor.

These are two WordPress plug-in page builders that have made the task of web page building quite easy and simple.

It is very important to choose the best theme for your website because you may have always heard that the first impression is the last impression so in order to make your website attractive make sure to choose best out of all.

A comprehensive comparison between Divi vs Elementor

This has increased the number of web page builders to a great extent. In fact, many companies are creating their own web page builders.

The two most important WordPress page builder plug-ins through which they are doing this are Divi and Elementor.

Today, the following write-up is going familiarize you with the properties, highlights and features of both Divi and Elementor.

In the end, you will also get a clear idea that which amongst these two tools is a better choice for you.

So, without wasting time anymore, let’s get started. 

An introduction to Divi vs Elementor

Before diving into their features and other aspects, let’s gets a brief introduction of both Divi and Elementor.


Divi is a perfect combination of an original theme and a page builder for WordPress.

The Divi theme was released in the year 2013 and the Divi page builder was released in 2015.

Over the years, Divi has gained massive popularity amongst a wide range of users.

The cost of Divi is $89 per year which you can use on numerous websites effortlessly.


Elementor is currently the most popular WordPress builder. It can be used with any type of WordPress theme.

Unlike Divi, Elementor has the maximum number of features.

The drag and drop user interface that it offers lets you create personalized layouts.

You can use these customized layouts with other themes as well.

Elementor is considered as a comprehensively featured free page builder for WordPress at the moment.

Elementor theme is best for new users who are less experienced with little or no coding experience who wants to improve their web page designing skills. 

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Usage ConvenienceWhen it comes to Divi, only a few of its features is easy to use.
You can place the Divi editor anywhere on the screen when working.
Divi also has a number of formatting and styling options. You can use them to upload personalized fonts from the menu. Its drag and drop interface also allows you to visually move its modules and section. In total, Divi offers you a moderate ease of use.
Elementor offers its users an intuitive and unconventional right-click menu, finder features and navigators. Its left-hand menu lets you drag and drop its elements into alternative positions. Its colours, margins and padding can also be adjusted within the menu panel. In short, Elementor is currently considered the easiest page builder plug-in for WordPress.
Layout In Divi, the elements are displayed on the right side of the page layout.Whereas in Elementor the elements are displayed on the left- side of the page layout giving your page an empty canvas look.
Styling OptionsContents, Advanced and Design are three of these features of Divi. Content lets you manage the fundamental settings like text. Design lets you align animation, shadows and colours. Finally, the Advanced feature allows you to personalize control responsive visibility and the CSS section of Divi.Initially, Elementor will style your contents by its own. After you access its plug-in’s settings, you can turn off this automated styling option. Instead, you can use the various global themes that it offers. Its features of Content, Style and Advanced allow you to manage and customize margins, colours and alignments.
Page Speed Performance The speeding time of Divi is also much better as compared to Elementor. So, in terms of page speed performance, definitely Divi is the winner.
When you create a page with Elementor, you can create a custom-made page, provided it’s not fancy. A photo, a few texts along with a headline makes the landing page of Elementor, that’s it.
Drag and Drop and Visual Interfaces Divi offers you no fixed interface elements except a full-width editor and a button at the end of its page.Conversely, Elementor offers a fixed sidebar which can be seen all the time. Users find it much more comfortable to use Elementor’s fixed sidebar unlike Divi’s wavering buttons.
Value of PriceDivi costs $89 and you can use it on innumerable sites. These include Divi theme and all its Elegant Theme products.Elementor has both a free as well as Pro version. You can use its free version completely free of cost. On the contrary, the Pro version that it has costs $49 to use one site for one year respectively. You will also get an Elementor Pro version at $199 which lets you use 1000 sites for one year. It also has to offer a theme builder, pop-up builder as well as a header and footer builder. Just like Divi, Elementor also offers you a great value for price.

Which one is better for you?

The choice will depend on your individual page-building requirements as well as personal requirements.

Hopefully, now you know that which the crucial aspects of Divi and Elementor are.

Divi is cheaper than Elementor and has a high learning curve which means it is hard to learn quickly.

Elementor is much easier to learn but it costs you more.

Divi costs you $89 per year and $249 for lifetime access whereas Elementor on unlimited websites costs $199 per year.    

So it’s up to you that which amongst these two you will choose.

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