10 Best Mobile Audit Tool – 2023

Mobile Audit aims to become a full homologation for Android APKs, which includes: Security testing, defensive use cases, and other areas of concentration such as static analysis, malware analysis, and Android coding.

Static analysis will completely decompile the APK and extract all of its potentially useful information. It lists several source code flaws and discoveries in groups according to various categories. Additionally, it offers full assistance with triage (changing status and criticality).

Malware analysis identifies suspicious code and risky permissions. The “Best Practices of Safe Android Coding” guide shows developers where they are and are not using secure coding.

The mobile audit is targeted toward several user profiles:

● System administrators

● Security engineers

● Developers

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The ten best mobile audit tools are-


Q-Aud provides you with the best of both worlds as a one-stop shop for all your auditing needs: a potent cross-platform mobile tool supported by an engaging web app. You can plan and carry out customised audit processes with real-time evidence collection using Q-Aud. Internal audits have never been simpler thanks to ThinkPalm’s original Q-Aud solution, which benefits from years of field testing and optimisation.

Q-Aud is a high-end SaaS solution from ThinkPalm’s cutting-edge product line. You can rapidly conduct audits and produce reports with web-based AI Data Analytics thanks to a highly responsive mobile user interface and a secure cloud host. The use of Q-Aud has proved successful in numerous audits, including ISO, ISAGO, and others.

Mobile-Friendly Test:

Your website must be mobile-friendly in order to have a successful online presence. Nowadays, smartphone traffic outpaces PC traffic in many nations. If you haven’t already, you should make your website mobile-friendly. A quick and simple approach to determining whether a page on your website is mobile-friendly is to use Search Console’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.

You can test a mobile-friendly website by entering the URL of the website. The test will adhere to any redirects the page implements. Usually, the test is completed in under a minute. In the test findings, Google provides a screenshot of how the page appears on a mobile device, along with a summary of any mobile usability issues that it discovers.

Mobile-first Index Checker:

A tool created by the Zeo platform called the Mobile First Indexing Checker enables customers to determine whether their website meets Google’s requirements for indexing web pages. In actuality, the search engine algorithms essentially referred to the classic version of the content of this web page while assessing the relevance of a web page in relation to the requests of Internet users. However, because statistical patterns indicate that a large majority of internet users can now access Google search from their phones, the search engine has updated its indexing guidelines.


Utilise this tool to gauge how quickly you respond compared to other nations and sectors. Check the percentages of text, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and images on your desktop and mobile websites. To pinpoint the actual cause of your website’s slowdown, also look at the breakdown of the response time for how your page loads. For their report and a free consultation to assist you in finding methods to improve, you do need to exchange your contact information with them.

Google Chrome:

You don’t need to visit a different website to see how your website will appear on mobile devices. Press Ctrl + Shift + C while using the Google Chrome browser. Choose the device you want to test from the drop-down menu by clicking the mobile device icon. This is a short and simple test that might be helpful when you’re developing a website or when you need to quickly demonstrate how your mobile site appears to someone.


MobiReady is a free testing tool for mobile web developers, designers, and marketers to evaluate a website’s mobile readiness using industry best practices and standards and to test website performance on mobile devices.

MobiReady can be used to test different sizes of mobile devices at once. To determine whether your website is “mobile ready,” compare it to the top 1000 Alexa sites. To help you identify areas that require improvement, MobiReady also offers incredibly detailed recommendations.


QARK, also known as the “Quick Android Review Kit,” was created by LinkedIn. The term itself implies that it is beneficial for the Android platform to find security flaws in the source code and APK files of mobile apps. A static code analysis tool called QARK provides information about the security risks associated with Android applications and gives a clear and comprehensive explanation of the problems. The ADB (Android Debug Bridge) instructions that QARK generates will aid in validating the vulnerability that QARK identifies.


Cybersecurity consulting firm MWR InfoSecurity was established in 2003. It is the cybersecurity service provider with the quickest growth. It offers all of its clients across the world a solution in several fields, including mobile security, security research, etc.

MWR InfoSecurity created the Drozer mobile app security testing framework. It identifies security flaws in mobile applications and devices and makes sure that Android smartphones, mobile applications, etc., are safe to use. By automating the difficult and time-consuming tasks, Drozer can examine security-related vulnerabilities for Android devices more quickly.

First Audit:

Many company owners and executives are concerned about the effort and commitment required to use sophisticated, digital audit tools that can gradually phase out auditing. In this instance, the first audit offers business owners access to its mobile audit software, which is built on best practices audits and is freely extensible to include unique, individual questions and evaluation patterns. Speaking of flexibility, firstaudit’s mobile audit software is always available to you wherever you are, making it quick and convenient to conduct audits.

The firstaudit mobile audit software is an excellent aid in the quick execution of measures like the assessment of how well you have attained your goals, what corrections remain to be made, and to what extent.


Forget about time-consuming reports, paper checklists, and spreadsheets. Utilise YOOBIC’s mobile-first solution to digitalise your visit, audit, and inspection checklists. Get a real-time picture of compliance on your automated dashboard and easily assign and manage action plans. More than 200 businesses, including Boots, Halfords, Lloyds Pharmacy, Peloton, Domino’s Pizza, Puma, Lacoste, and Sanofi, use YOOBIC around the world.

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