5 Best Twitter Tools To Unfollow Non Followers 2023

Twitter is a great marketing and promotional tool, but only if you can use it effectively. Till 2019, Twitter had around 330 million monthly and 145 million daily active followers. The numbers are sufficient to explain to you why it’s an excellent marketing tool. Here we have list of Twitter Tools To Unfollow Non Followers

Twitter is a platform to interact and connect with people across the world and to boost relations and engagement. But in such a recognized platform, many times, you might have followed some people who do not follow you back. 

Well, having a lot of people not following you is not a good indication. Also, Twitter allows you to follow 2000 more accounts than the number of people following you. It’s also possible to un-follow non followers in Twitter, and you can easily do it with the help of highly functional tools. Check and out and explore the five best Twitter tools to un-follow non-followers. 

  1. Crowdfire

For unfollowing people who are non-followers on Twitter, use Crowdfire. It is from Ciodigami Inc. and is popularly named “Justunfollowers”. It has a lot of free features to use, and you can completely remove the accounts that are not following you back. 

The app is supported on both iOS and Android phones, and you can un-follow around 25 followers per day. Well, if you wish to un-follow more people in a day, you can go for a paid subscription. 

  1. ManageFlitter 

It is a favorite Twitter tool for un-following non-followers. The surprising feature of the app is the new beta version allows you to choose multiple users and un-follow them in one go. It is a reputed tool and has many other features like finding talkative features or fake followers. It has also been featured in the top media blogs, such as a buffer. 

ManageFlitter helps you to concentrate on the important news feed and keeps your Twitter account noise-free. Another amazing feature of this exclusive tool is it shows the number of Twitter users, you are following. 

  1. Circleboom

If you wish to find the right profile to be followed, a Twitter Management Tool, Circleboom can guide you. It has a smart and easy to use module, which can be used to un-follow some of your non-followers. 

Alongside that, un-follow spammers, eggheads, fake accounts, inactive accounts, etc. The other features that you will get in other apps are available in Circleboom but at an affordable price. The price is almost half compared to the rivalry app, and one of the unique features is the RSS Tweets. 

The RSS features enable you to connect your Twitter account to the RSS feed. Some of the other features that you experience here are in-depth analytics, schedule posts module, etc. The following and un-following task can be fun and enjoyable with its responsive design and compatibility. 

  1. SocialBro

It is a powerful Twitter tool and apart from helping you un-follow your non-followers, and it has a variety of other features. It provides information about the follower’s stats. Besides that, you can track the efficiency and the progress of your competitor’s account by understanding the changes they are making over time. 

Additionally, SocialBro can handle teammates working in the Twitter strategy, and you can control which teammate can access how much content. When it comes to the un-following feature, SocialBro is easy to use with a great interface. 

  1. Tweepi Geeky Flush

The Tweepi Geeky Flush app can flash all the Twitter followers that do not follow you back. It is a brilliant Twitter tool that will make your website look engaging and clean. The app is precise, faster, and displays the synchronized list containing the most recent Twitter accounts. 

Both premium and free plans are available, and you can use them according to the needs. The premium plan will give you more advanced features, while the free version is also good. 

Final thoughts!

Un-following, the Twitter non-followers is a good decision, and you can stay away from inactive or spammy profiles. Moreover, for creating an authoritative profile, following Twitter accounts that can offer value is essential. 

By un-following non-followers, you have a fair chance to look for more potential accounts appropriate to your profession. It also gives you enough time to focus on accounts from where you can learn or know new things. Therefore, do not waste your time, and use any of the above tools to un-follow Twitter followers, who hardly contributing anything for your brand growth. 

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