Optinmonster Review 2023: Features, Functionality, And Why It’s The Best

Optinmonster Review is based on the platform’s features, functionality.

E-mail marketing is one of the important and functional tools to engage in digital marketing.

With the inclusion of the internet as a functional tool to reach people across geographical boundaries, the extent of who could be a potential customer has increased drastically. 

Any message is now instantly sent when you have the email id of the recipient, which makes it an awesome tool to utilize for online marketing. With the approximate number of 3.8 billion e-mail users, that is a quite high number of probable sales. 

Use of lead generation tool

So, obviously, you would need the e-mail addresses of your clients to send them an e-mail. The best way to do that is to get the e-mail addresses from themselves.

As an action, it is really important, as 42% of establishments believe email is one of their most operative lead generation channels.

Therefore, it is better to use an online tool that ensures the acquiring of email addresses came voluntarily from the visitors of your website.

Not using spamming

Sending unsolicited e-mails is not good for the business. When such action is taken, it falls within the area of spam.

Apart from the e-mail accounts which are programmed to separate spam from normal mails so that it does not feature in the mails, the business itself could face bad publicity if spammer tactics are used.

So, to feature among the 347.3 billion e-mails sent daily and catch the attention of the reader within ethical boundaries, the use of a lead generation tool like OptinMonster becomes a requirement.

Moreover, the “sign-up” forms often seen on the website is not so effective anymore. The visitors mostly ignore these forms. It is also a statistical fact 70-90% of people visiting a particular website will not return unless they can be contacted further.

The e-mails, therefore, make for important data, and a lead generation program makes the list of essential plugins for your website. 

Optinmonster Review: how it improves business

As lead generation tools go, OptinMonster is designed to function in a greater capacity. It has been programmed to convert a probable lead into a paying customer and optimize your business so that it grows along with the email list in terms of sales and revenue.

Optinmonster Review

The software can be used in different ways. Let us know its functionalities in two business scenarios; a publisher and an e-commerce institution. 

For publishers: the benefits of OptinMonster

These are the ways the program can increase your e-mail list;

1. Optinmonster Review : Detect most appropriate reception time

The software creates a responsive and conversion-friendly opt-in form. With its inherent behavior detection technology, it can predict the best time to present the form to the visitor when he or she shall be most receptive to it.

This display of right forms to the correct visitors in the most appropriate times results in the increase of the e-mail list along with the revenues and sales.

2. Optinmonster Review: Increase Pageviews

As stated earlier, the software can function to complete other jobs as well. Among them, the feature of increasing your Pageviews is an interesting feature.

The incoming website traffic is redirected to the appropriate pages aided by the behavior detection technology combined with the Accept/ Decline feature. 

3. Optinmonster Review:Converting the new visitors into permanent ones

According to available statistics, 98% of the initial effort for acquiring fresh traffic will be without any result. An e-mail list shall be instrumental in building uplink with the visitors and directing them to visit your website again.

With OptinMonster, you can program the webpage to show a pop-up or open another targeted campaign when the visitor is trying to leave.

This arrangement has been known to add about 2-4% more of the visitors to become subscribers and then regular visitors. 

4. Optinmonster Review:For e-commerce business

E-commerce industries also need help in securing and maintaining customers for a successful business.

With lead generation software like OptinMonster, that job becomes a lot easier. Some of the ways e-commerce sites can benefit are;

5. Optinmonster Review:Reducing cart-abandonment

Abandoning the shopping cart online is a recurrent problem for e-commerce retailers.

A specific algorithm designed to measure this “intent of exiting” could be used to expose the early deserters to a targeted campaign. Often, it has been observed that the visitors converted after this happened.

The fail-safes implemented to engage the attention of the abandoning customers;

  1. A pop-up to chat with a support agent
  2. Any code that provides a special discount to the leaving visitors and encouraging conversion.
  3. An invitation to download the lead magnet by joining the e-mail list.

6. Optinmonster Review: Increasing the e-mail list

Like other businesses working online, the growth of the e-mail list is an important requirement.

OptinMonster can help in achieving this target by creating high-impact campaigns that show considerable success in converting subscribers into customers. 

7. Optinmonster Review:Onsite Retargeting

Retargeting is the target of the customers after they have left the online site with personalized ads.

The new features of OptinMonster include onsite retargeting, which is the targeting of the visitors through a specialized exit pop-up when they want to leave. This is more direct and shows results quickly.

8. Optinmonster Review:Aesthetic appeal

The days of sending a bland email to the customers are over. You can use the various features of OptinMonster to design eye-catching, unique targeting campaigns while getting to choose the colors, fonts, images, and text. The different kind of opt-in forms the program offers are;

  • Lightbox popups
  • Mobile-Friendly Popups
  • Below the content optins
  • Slide-in Optin forms
  • Floating bar optin forms
  • Sidebar optin forms

 All of these are customizable with endless options along with the usual drag and drop builder, which is also an intuitive yet simple way to attract visitors to convert.

The features at a glance

As a well-referred lead generation program, OptinMonster has several unique and responsive features that accentuate its functioning in the online market. The features which make this program a working tool to boost conversions for the online businesses can be listed as follows;

  1. Exit Intent Technology – Exit intent permits you to display your optin forms when a user is on the point of leaving your website.
  2. Scroll Based Activators – This feature allows the display of a pop-up or any other optin form when a consumer has scrolled down a page.
  3. Page-Level Targeting – This feature allows for the establishment of certain targeted optins for different pages.
  4. Easy A/B Testing – with this feature, you can determine the best-converting optin by testing their conversion inducing facets. 
  5. Geo-location targeting –campaigns that are based on the geographical locations of the visitors could be targeted more efficiently. 
  6. Time-Based Triggers – The right time to show the customers a well-placed offer can be optimized by this plugin. 
  7. Inactivity sensor – This feature allowed for the targeting of quiet visitors and transformed them into subscribers.
Optinmonster Review

Using the full-power 

It is very easily discernible that with this kind of help, an e-mail marketing company can function in a much better way. So, it would be better to take the help of these plugins and make sure that the online sites receive the required conversion rates.

With appropriate content and presentation, a business can become profitable by increasing the number of successful conversions. 

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