SEMRUSH Review 2023: All that you need to know about SEMRUSH

SEMRUSH Review 2020 is promising. SEMrush is a premier search engine marketing (SEM) tool in SEO which helps to optimize websites for search engines.

This feature-rich product was introduced in 2008 and as per company reports, it is currently being used by more than 5 million users. 

SEMrush has been accepted as the best digital tool for:

  • US Search Awards 2019
  • MENA Search Awards 2019
  • SEMY Awards 2019
  • Interactive Marketing Awards 2019

This amazing tool makes keyword research a breeze because it enables you to find out all the keywords for which a particular website ranks. So it is one of the best competitor SEO research tools available in the industry.

Recently, a number of new features have been added to this tool.

What makes it a very popular SEO tool is that it provides lot of information which you can apply for creating a fresh content.

With SEMrush, you get link building opportunities and can manage the technical aspect of the website efficiently for achieving higher rankings.

Read on to know the key features of SEMrush that are used often.

SEMRUSH Review 2020

SEMRUSH Review 2020 : Key features of SEMrush

1. Keyword magic tool

The Keyword Magic tool is a favorite one because there are more than 2 million keywords present in its database providing you with many options that are applicable to a particular business. The data that you can get with Keyword magic tool are:

  • Keyword difficulty
  • Cost per click data
  • Competitive density
  • SERP features
  • Long-tail keywords to follow
  • Average number of monthly searches
  • Graph showing the trend

It is suggested that you also try out related features of this tool so that you don’t miss any keyword. Once you select the keywords that are relevant, you can select the box next to the keywords and transfer them to the Keyword analyzer so that it can be used later.

Keyword magic tool

The function of the automatic ‘seed and grouping’ keyword feature is to put together the group of keywords that are selected in the first stage.

The click potential column should not be overlooked as it gives you an idea about the number of clicks you can anticipate against the targeted keyword after acquiring the top position.

2. Keyword analyzer 

This tool helps to automate keyword research and yield a better outcome. With the Keyword analyzer, you can work on up to 1000 keywords that you choose.

Keyword analyzer

The keywords can be divided further for the purpose of study, exported to an excel sheet, and transferred to other tools.

3. Site audit tool

The site audit functionality is suitable for SEO agency owners or for individuals who own a website. It allows digital marketers to create a white label report for their clients.

Performing a site audit will keep you posted with all the latest SEO updates that you can implement on your target site. This will improve the technical SEO of the site.

Site audit tool

There are options to do the site audit for mobile or desktop individually and the reports can be taken in .pdf or excel format making it convenient for the SEO team.

You can check yours as well as your competitor’s keywords and identify any problems in your website that is affecting its ranking.

4. Position tracking tool

Unlike other SEO suite, this mobile app by SEMrush allows you to see the position of your keyword when you are on the go.

After you have decided which are those keywords that you want to follow you need to include them to the position tracking tool.

The position tracking tool provides updates on a weekly basis about you and your competitors’ rankings based on those keywords.

Position tracking tool

It also demonstrates the different SERP features that the keyword triggers and who is having those features.

This enables you to evaluate the pages with those keywords for which your site ranks and find out if it needs to be upgraded.

With this tool, you can follow your competitor’s landing pages and get fresh ideas that can be implemented on your page.

5. Domain overview tool

In addition to researching new keywords, you come to know many things about your domain. This includes keywords for which you are ranking or the keywords driving traffic or the volume of traffic.

Domain overview tool

In order to get more information about your website, you need to type your website address in the Domain overview tool.

6. Keyword gap tool

This particular tool lets you know about your website’s performance in comparison to your competitor that also targets the same keywords as yours.

At a time, you can type names of five websites but ideally, you should start with a top competitor.

 Keyword gap tool

By default, the tool provides a list of keywords common for both you and your competitor. So you get to know your ranking as well as theirs for the same keywords.

7. Organic research tool

The Organic research tool lets you know about those keywords for which you and your competitor is ranking at present. The Overview tab displays a clear graph demonstrating your keyword growth over a period of time.

Organic research tool

This graph can be changed to view the best 10, 5, 3, 2, and the best results.

8. Backlinks Analytics tool

The Backlinks analytics tool gives you information about the total number of backlinks to your or your competitor’s site.

Backlinks Analytics tool

It displays the pages that are being linked with, the sources of those links and the growth of your total backlinks with time.

9. Backlink Audit tool

Once you come to know the number of backlinks that you have and the websites that link to your pages, you need to find out whether the backlinks are from an authentic source.

Backlink Audit tool

The Backlink Audit tool helps to eliminate toxic backlinks that may create a negative impression on your own website.

SEMRUSH Review 2020: Reasons to use SEMrush

  1. Since SEMrush enables you to track those keywords which are generating traffic to your competitor’s site and create posts on the basis of those keywords, you can improve your position for some targeted keywords in your area.
  2. Besides being loaded with features, SEMrush has a clean user interface and is easy to use. However, if you switch over from tools like Majestic or Moz Pro, it may take some time to get habituated.
  3. Another most obvious reason to use SEMrush is the fact that it keeps presenting new techniques of keyword research which makes it one of the best SEO tool.
  4. When you opt for SEMrush, you will definitely have some questions or concerns and SEMrush provide excellent customer support with their vast store of knowledge, emails and webinars. 

SEMRUSH Review 2020: SEMrush plans

There are different categories of SEMrush plans and you can choose something depending on the volume and range of your keyword strategy.

  • Pro plan
  • Guru plan
  • Business plan
  • Enterprise plan

The Pro plan is best for individuals since it gives a complete report but for those who are new to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), it is best to try the free trial account.

Now that read about SEMRUSH Review 2020, being a serious blogger or internet marketer, you will surely like to know the keywords that are driving traffic to your top competitor’s site.

Let us know your comments and thoughts about SEMRUSH Review 2020 after reading this post!

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