Youtube Marketing Strategy 2023: How to rank a video on youtube #1

Looking for a Youtube Marketing Strategy guide? In this guide, we will cover the 7 best Youtube Marketing Strategy which works in 2020, and how to rank your video on the 1st-page of youtube.

Why Youtube?

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine across the planet, after Google.

The platform has 2-billion monthly logged-in users, and about 400-hours of videos are uploaded every minute.

Therefore, approximately 81% of the YouTube users are 15 to 25 years-of-age, and the average time spent by each of the users on YouTube is 11minutes and 24seconds.

YouTube will provide you numerous unique and creative videos, which are posted by YouTubers across the globe. 

YouTube will give you the chance to monetize the videos that you create, and if your content receives millions of views, then you will be able to make money out of the videos.

But remember, when you upload a video, it doesn’t mean that you will receive views instantly unless you are a well-known brand or a company.

There are some methods and techniques, which you need to follow so that your videos can rank higher in the search results.

When you have good content, once you promote and share the video, you will receive views in return.

That is why, I will provide you with the best tips and techniques, and ways to work with SEO to receive impressive search results as well as rankings.

Steps to take to rank higher in the YouTube search ranking

Before I provide you with the information on Youtube marketing strategy, you need to keep in mind that YouTube has its own set of algorithms to rank a particular video.

This is because, even if you think of “BUYING” organic views, it will not ensure you that whether or not your videos will rank organically.

The biggest ranking-factor on YouTube is the “view time”. 

This means, if someone is watching your video, and if he/she stops watching it within the first few minutes, then the ranking will decrease.

Therefore, I believe you are a good YouTuber and you work on unique and “out-of-the-box” content that will help you receive numerous views in the process.

Now, let’s take a look at the best Youtube marketing strategy, you need to follow that will increase the ranking of your YouTube videos:

  • Be sure to have a focused keyword.
  • Optimize the title.
  • Be sure to optimize the description.
  • Include the right tags.
  • Add closed captions.
  • Encourage engagement.
  • Create a unique thumbnail.

Now you know about the steps you need to take, let’s learn about them in detail. 

1. Be Sure to Have A Focus Keyword

Whether you have already posted the video on YouTube, or in the middle of recording it, you must create a “focus keywordfor each of your videos.

This is because, when you have keywords that are on focus, it will increase your video’s ranking.

Every search engine works by matching the user’s search-term and YouTube is no different. 

Try to check out the old videos on YouTube, be sure to re-watch it and pinpoint the main topic.

Try asking questions to yourself like, “What exactly is the focus in this video?” Or “What is the keyword of this video?” and so on.

When you think of making a video in the future, it will be easier for you to choose a keyword before you get started.

Focus Keyword

Note: Try to place your focus keywords in Title, Description, Comments. Also, try to place them at the very beginning.

2. Optimize the Title

The title of your video will tell the viewers what your video is about.

This means your title needs to match perfectly with the content of your video.

This will be helpful for your YouTube SEO algorithm.

Therefore, if you wish to improve the ranking of your videos, then you can include the keyword in the title.

Title Optimization

Otherwise, you can take the help of YouTube and Google auto-complete options.

It will summarize what users are looking for on YouTube and help you frame a title for the video accordingly.

Remember, if you provide an interesting and unique title to all your videos, it will increase the rankings.

3. Optimize the Description

Try adding some descriptions to your YouTube video.

Youtube Description

This is because it is known to play an important role in your video’s ranking within the search results.

Google will display only 125 characters of your description, but it will be a good idea to write around 250 words if you can.

Therefore, YouTube will suggest you put the most important keyword at the beginning of your description.

When you are writing the video descriptions, there are a couple of things that you need to remember.

  • Firstly, do not forget to include the keyword(s).
  • Secondly, make your writing unique, rather than copy and pasting some text.
  • Lastly, include your site URL to direct the viewers to your website. 

4. Include the Right Tags

Tags are considered to be for YouTube’s reference only and it will not allow the users to see what you include.

You are free to add many variations of the keyword along with search terms.

Let me give you an example, if your video is about “Instagram Hacks”, then you can provide tags like “Instagram”, “Social Media Hacks”, “Hacks”, and “Instagram followers Hacks”. There is no need to make them super-specific. 

However, you can use the Chrome Extension for YouTube, which is known as “Tube Buddy and it will help you look for search ranking for various types of tags so that you can use the best ones for the SEO. 

To install Tubebuddy -> Go to google and type Tubebuddy chrome extension


Select Add to Chrome->


Now after adding the extension, go to You will see an option saying Sign-in required, just signup by clicking on the link.

how to sign in tubebuddy

Once you are signed in, click on any particular video and you will see analytics from Tubebuddy with the tags.

Include the Right Tags,Youtube marketing strategy

You can copy all the tags and use them for your videos.

5. Add Closed Captions:

YouTube supports the closed caption or “CC” option to help people with hearing difficulties.

One of the biggest bonuses of these captions is that they are crawled by both Google and YouTube, and they will work to give a boost to your SEO. 

YouTube has the power to automatically caption a particular video (including yours), but they are riddled with numerous errors.

To make your CC SEO-friendly and indexed, you need to edit the captions, which are provided by YouTube or upload your very own. 

6. Encourage Engagement:

Do you know, there is a big reason behind this phrase “If you like this video, make sure to click the button down below” or something similar to that. 

When a user likes, subscribes and comments it helps in signaling YouTube that this particular user has enjoyed or was satisfied with your video content.

Youtube puts more weight on the videos who have more engagement. Engagement can be in any form like, dislike, or comment.

Encourage Engagement,Youtube marketing strategy

So, YouTube will start showing more of your content to the user. 

And your videos will start ranking up on Youtube SEO and even on suggested videos.

7. Create a Unique Thumbnail:

Remember, there are only two things, which a user will notice before they click on your video, which is the “video title” and the “thumbnail”.

creating youtube thumbnails,Youtube marketing strategy

YouTube will take the responsibility to automatically assign a thumbnail for your video, but it will be a random shot from your content.

If you want to stand out, you need to use an interesting and attention-grabbing image that will encourage the viewers to click on your video.

You will come across many videos that are equipped with a unique set of thumbnails that makes the videos stand out.

When you are creating a video, make sure to provide a good thumbnail that will pull in many viewers.


  1. Put keywords in Title of your video (Try to add it at the very beginning of the title)
  2. Ask users to comment/like/share on the video so that it can increase the engagement.
  3. Increase your click-through rate by making unique thumbnails.
  4. Add as many tags as possible from Tubebuddy.
  5. Focus on watch time.
  6. You can make a playlist so that other videos can show up in the suggested video.
  7. While uploading the video make the filename the same as your keyword.

Closing Thoughts!

Okay, so I strongly believe that I was able to cover the best Youtube marketing strategy through this article.

So now, it is all up to you on making interesting, unique, and blow-your-mind kinds of videos, especially when you are working with the tutorial ones!

Follow the steps that are provided in this article and make sure to keep your focus towards the targeted audience and create your script with your target group in mind.

 Thank you for reading! Comment below your thoughts.

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