7 Best Backlink Checker Tools of 2020 (Free and Paid)

Before the rise of backlink checker tools, tech-savvies and businesses would depend on the number of backlinks they would get to enhance their SEO rankings. But, now the picture has entirely changed and more emphasis is put on the quality of backlinks to ensure a fairly good SEO ranking for your organization.

The concept of backlink implies when any other website connects itself to your website or any other page of your website. This has been considered as one of the powerful tools to boost up the SEO ranking for your business.

Given below are 7 of the best backlink checker tools of 2020, both free and unpaid to increase the SEO ranking for your business optimally.

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the finest backlink checkers of 2020 and a number of businesses are opting for this tool to enhance their businesses’ SEO ranking to a reasonable extent.

It comes both in an unpaid as well as a pro format which has already made a significant position in the world of content marketing.

BuzzSumo SEO
Source: buzzsumo.com

Particularly, BuzzSumo’s pro format gets you an added feature that allows the user to verify the current backlink of his/her website or any individual page of the website.

2. OpenLink Profiler

The tool of OpenLink Profiler is completely a free backlink checker which is comprised of multiple features when checking the backlinks for your blog.

For instance, if you wish to check the backlinks of a particular page of a website or the entire website itself, the Link Diagnosis feature that this tool offers helps you to perform this particular task effectively.

Also, you must not forget that OpenLink Profiler is completely a free backlink checker that allows you to check the recently created backlinks.

3. AHrefs

The tool of Ahrefs has been recently added in the array of backlink checkers. To be a bit more specific, the purpose of Ahrefs is to offer you a detailed analysis to any possible domain or website.

This particular checker tool has become quite popular these days which allows you to view a few important data like:

  • New  or lost backlinks
  • Domain rating
  • Dofollow-Nofollow links
  • Anchor text distribution
AHrefs SEO
Source: ahrefs.com

In short, this is a time-saving tool for your website. The only reason is it allows you to get all the link details followed by a percentage breakdown which, subsequently, points out your website.

4. LinkMiner

The tool of LinkMiner has been proven to be quite beneficial because it helps you to perform backlink analysis to ensure optimal SEO results.

Some of the things that the tool of LinkMiner allows you to do are:

  • Mark your favorite backlinks
  • Verify the link strength
  • See the backlinks based on category including Q and A, Blogs as well as Forum
  • Systematically frame the preview of your website from the dashboard
  • Analyze each of the backlinks with their individual essential details etc.

The LinkMiner is a great combination of fresh index and Majestic historic, and, hence is considered as one of the best backlink checkers of 2020.


SEMRUSH is not a single, but an array of SEO tools that one can ever need. To say in a nutshell, it’s basically a diverse database which has to be updated on a regular basis.

This in return allows you to flawlessly verify the status of your website’s backlink which also allows you to find the details of that particular country from where you are getting most of the links.

You can even check the backlink status of your competitors’ website with this tool.

The feature of backlink comparison that it provides also allows you to compare the backlinks of your own domain with that of your competitors.

6. Moz

Moz Link Explorer provides the link profile of your website in detail which can be used for comparing with the profiles of your competitors.

This popular backlink tool helps you to understand your competitor’s strategies.

The Link Intersect informs you about the websites that link with your competitor’s site but not with your site.

Source: moz.com

You come to know about the links that have been lost so that you can replace them. Besides, you will also have access to all other SEO tools of Moz.

It is best to have a paid account with SEOMOZ, however with the free version you can see the backlinks in your site and that of your competitors.

7. Majestic

Majestic was formerly known as Majestic SEO. It is another widely-used backlink checker tool due to its depth of data.

It focuses on all aspects of link checking and uses competitive metrics like Trust Flow and Citation Flow.

Besides displaying the total number of backlinks, the tool lets you know about other important metrics like Referring domains, Referring subnets, and Referring IPs.

Majestic SEO
Source: majestic.com

These key metrics gives you a better insight about your as well as your competitor’s website backlink profile.

The paid version will give you access to all the advanced features while the free version will provide you information regarding your backlink profile.

Let’s Wrap Up!

So, now that you know that the 7 best backlink checker tools of 2020, it’s now up to you that which of these tools you will use for your website to ensure an optimal SEO ranking for it.

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