The reason behind Mark Zuckerberg Success story

Here are reason behind Mark Zuckerberg Success story??

Mark zuckerberg success story your digital hack

Mark Zuckerberg founded the social network called Facebook out of his college dorm.

1. Have a dream

Dream by Your digital Hack
Mark Zuckerberg was not an overnight success. He has a dream and he was ready to sacrifice everything for it. He dropped out of college so that he can protect his dream.

2. Think big-

Your digital hack


Facebook was a small project, they started as a college project. However, Mark vision has a project that will change the people communicate and stay in touch.

3. Believe in yourself-

Your digital hack- Believe yourself


Self-belief is necessary for any venture. Never doubt yourself. Mark Zuckerberg believed in himself and you can see the result.

4. Follow your Passion-

Your digital hack

Mark was into programming from childhood. And he sticks to that person. Mark Zuckerberg drop off the college just to make sure that his Passion never dies.

5. Be prepared for criticism-


Just like any successful entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg has got his side of Criticism. Don’t let Criticism hold you back, instead use it as a stop stepping stone for greater height.

6. Hard work-


All successful entrepreneurs hold that position through the hard work. They worked when other slept that’s why they became successful.

7. Don’t be afraid to compete with the Giants-

Big gaints

Mark Zuckerberg want FB to be the heart of the internet but he had an obstacle, well-established company that us Google. But Mark was not afraid to take Google. Without courage there will be no risk taken.

8. Be focused-

your digital hack be focused

Mark Zuckerberg always focused on fulfilling the Facebook mission.

Starting the entrepreneur process is one thing and sticking to that is another. Facebook is not an overnight success, Mark Zuckerberg did not become the billionaire overnight, he worked hard for years and still working out. That’s the spirit of entrepreneurship. There’s nothing extraordinary about Mark Zuckerberg success, he deserves that position because he dreamed it, planned it and worked it out. He stuck to his Passion and focused on the Facebook mission.

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