Top 7 SEO Chrome Extension You Must Have

Whether it is your client’s site or your own, you often need to check the ranking of the website you are working on. That means you need to evaluate the site’s SEO value in order to know how the website is performing. Like me, if you too enjoy browsing on Chrome, I will let you know about some very useful SEO chrome extensions which are worth trying and trending in 2020.

Once you install these awesome SEO chrome extensions, this will enable you to determine the SEO value of a website instantly.

I favor Google Chrome in particular because of its robustness and the mobile integration feature. Interestingly, Chrome has gained 62% popularity as the best Web browser in the world. With GoogleChrome Extensions, I can perform much faster and all my time and effort are utilized to the fullest extent.

There are over 100,000 extensions and selecting the right one may be quite challenging for you. So here I list some of my favorite Google Chrome extensions (addons) which will allow you to assess your SEO efforts in a single click.

  1. Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is one of the most popular SEO Chrome Extensions that allows you to do keyword research without requiring much effort and save time. It is best suited to individuals who want to have the data associated with a keyword. This particular tool provides you with three categories of information related to keyword research.

Keyword Tool,SEO Chrome Extensions

It tells you the total number of searches on a monthly basis, cost per click, and competition in Google Adwords for a specific keyword with hundreds of other websites. You can easily download the keyword you are looking for in excel and PDF form, which can be shared. Keyword Everywhere supports websites like Google, YouTube, Amazon, Answer The Public, Google Trends, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Majestic, Moz Open Site Explorer, and eBay. Installing this SEO chrome extension requires an API key, and that’s all.

  1. SEOquake

SEOquake is an SEO Chrome Extension from SEMrushthat is capable of presenting with important information about the website like Google Index, Alexa Rank, text density within seconds. This chrome extension allows you to check as well as compare URLs and domains. The results provide various types of information related to the pages in SERPs helping you with analysis.

Mozbar Seoquake SEO Browser Extensions - Hang Ten SEO

It contains information on traffic info, report of backlinks, number of pages indexed, whois info, domain age, Nofollow Links. This is a well-organized and well-maintained add-on enabling you to know about the important features of SEO. It displays SEO stats straightaway from the search results. With this tool, you can perform a full SEO audit of a webpage.

  1. Mozbar extension

MozBar is considered as an all-in-one SEO extension. It is one of the best free online SEO Chrome extension tools allowing you to compare link metrics, carry out custom searches, highlight keywords and links and categorize links.

Moz,,download chrome extension

It displays page elements, HTTP status, markup, and general attributes quickly. It promptly displays important information such as domain authority, page authority, meta descriptions, and also assess keyword difficulties. It allows you to generate custom searches based on parameters like a search engine, country, area, or city. The SERP or Search Engine Result Page can be exported to a CSV file. It is not necessary to have a Moz account to operate this SEO extension. However, when you sign in through a Mozbar account, you will get the metrics instantly.

  1. Mangools extension

If you want every detail about a webpage, then the MangoolsSEO extension would fulfill your requirements. This is a free but powerful SEO chrome extension that tells you about overall SEO metric, list of backlinks, outbound links of a page, and page speed. It enables analysis of On-Page SEO, rank tracking, and checking of website authority.

Mangools,seo tools

The On-Page SEO feature helps to identify optimization errors that may be present in headings and meta tags. It has some inbuilt features such as keyword density checker, SERP preview tool, and word counter. While remaining on the current tab, you will come to know about SEO metrics like Citation Flow and Trust Flow. I prefer this tool personally because it offers context menu integration.

  1. SimilarWeb

If you are looking for something more than general SEO information, SimilarWeb is the right tool as it offers key statistics for websites. When a site is analyzed, all the traffic sources are considered.


This tool provides you with a detailed overview of site time, traffic, bounce rate by evaluating the clickstream data from a large number of internet service providers. It reveals the demographics of the target audience of a company, money being spent on content, and the source of traffic.SimilarWeblets you know about your competitor’s presence on the web.

  1. BuzzSumo

As a popular SEO Chrome extension, Buzzsumoallows you to find out the online content on a particular topic that has been shared the maximum number of times in social media. With BuzzSumo, you can track easily the content that is performing well without leaving the web browser.

BuzzSumo,free keyword research tool

This content marketing tool contributes to SEO decision making in the future. To view the number of shares and backlinks related to the content, you just need to click the extension when you are visiting a webpage.BuzzSumo also enables you to do competitor analysis so that you know those strategies that can make the content more engaging.

  1. Serpstat

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO Chrome Extension that will enable you to perform SEO analysis of your website instantly. This platform helps you with rank tracking, analysis of backlinks, keyword research, and website auditing as well as competitor analysis.

The tool also offers a free extension-making site analysis possible in a single click. The three sections of this extension are On-Page SEO parameters, Domain analysis, and Page analysis.

Serpstat,seo chrome extensions

These sections will provide you with data related to traffic, domain visibility, meta tags, and the keywords for which your website is ranking, etc. You don’t need to register for some particular reports, you just need to install it in the browser and you are ready to go. An API token allows free users to make 100 site analyses in a day.

Final thoughts

I am sure that these SEO Chrome Extensions or website SEO checkers will help you to measure your SEO success easily on a daily basis.

So, which are the SEO Chrome Extensions that you are using right now? Please do share it with me through the comment section.

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