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Twitter marketing guide can help you generate traffic and sales for your business, as it is one of the largest social media platforms in the world.

Currently, it has over 145 million active daily users and this number keeps growing every day. Ever since it was founded, Twitter marketing has been at the forefront of social media marketing strategies.

Social media marketing is a wonderful way for organizations to reach out and connect with their audiences. Choosing to do this through Twitter is a wonderful idea.

Recent stats show that Twitter has more than 320 million users who are active regularly on a monthly basis. This is the main reason why so many companies worldwide are choosing to devote a lot of time and resources to Twitter marketing.

They have realized that it is no longer enough for companies to tweet about their products occasionally. In a platform with 1.3 billion users, it can be difficult for your organization to stand out and make a mark.

The objective of having a social media marketing strategy is to engage and connect with a large audience base. This can only be achieved if you develop a well-planned marketing strategy for your social media channels.

To help you do that, here is an excellent Twitter marketing guide.

Step 1: The First Step in Twitter marketing

The first step of the Twitter marketing guide is to formulate a comprehensive Twitter marketing strategy & that is by understanding how the platform works.

Like all social media platforms, Twitter works with the help of obscure algorithms. You will have to formulate a plan of action that will enable you to take advantage of the platform and get your message across.

twitter content strategy

Another thing that you have to remember is that Twitter is just one element of your overall digital marketing strategy.

If you want your strategy to have tangible results, then you need to develop a well-planned overall strategy as well.

Step 2: Set Concise Goals

In a platform that operates on a scale of 500 million tweets per day, you need to set clear and concise goals if you want to see proper results.

You have to outline clear and measurable goals that you want to achieve, against which you can measure how effectively your strategy is working.

Your goals should be designed in a manner that is complementary to your organization’s overall business adjectives.

twitter marketing tools

Outline proper Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ensure that your goals allow you to measure and compare your KPIs. A nice way to evaluate how your goals are is by using the SMART acronym.

Your goals should be Specificity, Measurability, Attainability, Relevance, and Time-Specific.

Step 3: Audit Your Twitter Accounts Regularly

If your organization already has a Twitter account or multiple Twitter accounts, the first thing you need to do is audit them regularly.

You should begin by documenting all the tweets and activity on these accounts, as well as the team member responsible for the accounts.

After you have done this, it is the best time to go through your Twitter Analytics properly. After this, you can find out the necessary information about your organization’s active accounts.

Audit Your Twitter Account

Find information like the overall engagement rate, per-tweet engagement rate, hashtag performance, regularity, and followers. Other things that you should also maintain are your account’s profile and cover pictures.

The main reason behind this audit process is that you develop a baseline for your Twitter effectiveness against which you can set goals properly.

Step 4: Develop Your Brand’s Unique Image

What makes a brand memorable on Twitter is its unique brand image or its “voice”. It is very important to post content that is trendy and has been doing the rounds lately.

However, it is even more important to develop a unique voice and stick to it. The best example of an account that has developed its voice excellently is Wendy’s.

Twitter Marketing

All of its tweets, retweets, and replies are curated in a way that perfectly suits the impression it makes on its audience. It is one of the main reasons why Wendy’s Twitter account is one of the most successful accounts ever.

Twitter does not have to be a very formal and rigid environment and it is a very good idea to cultivate a perspective of your brand by using the platform.

Step 5: Be Responsive Regularly

Social media platforms are extremely fast-paced and quick. You have to be responsive to your audience on a regular basis.

If your accounts are stagnant and not monitored properly, then that can cause your followers to notice.

It would be the best course of action to assign manpower to monitor and maintaining your Twitter account so that you can respond to mentions, direct messages, and retweets quickly.

Be Responsive

Even if your business has only one Twitter account, it is a good idea to have a backup member in place who can take on responsibility in case the main person cannot.

You should also ensure that your team members are in sync and know their responsibilities so that there is no redundancy and mistakes.

Step 6: Schedule Your Content Beforehand

It is a very good idea to schedule most of your marketing content beforehand. The best way to do this is by scheduling your social media posts by making a post calendar.

It might take you a little time to sit and come up with one. However, once you are through with it, it will make your life much easier.

Schedule Your Content,Twitter Marketing Guide

There can be certain posts that make a huge splash because they were released at the exact right time. However, these posts are more the exception than the rule.

That is why it is a very good idea to plan out your tweets ahead of time. While you come up with your calendar, you should consider the frequency of your tweets and the time you want to schedule each tweet.

Step 7: Update Your Profile Regularly

A professional and regularly updated Twitter profile can help your account to make a very sizable impact on your audience. The average Twitter user follows 5 business accounts at least.

By maintaining your profile regularly, you can appeal to your customer base in a better way. You have to give individual consideration to each element of your profile – from your handle to your Twitter bio.

Update Your Profile,twitter for business

For example, it is a very good idea to maintain social media handles that are consistent over all platforms. You also need to set a very well-designed profile picture, preferably one that contains your brand logo.

If you have a small business that is situated locally, then you should also mention your location.

Step 8: Interact With Your Followers

The objective of a social media platform is to foster close communication between people, organizations, and companies. You can curate a fantastic social media image for yourself by engaging with your followers on Twitter.

Interact With Your Followers,Twitter Marketing Guide

Twitter is also used by a lot of companies as a way of addressing common FAQs that people may have about their services/products. It is also a good idea to respond to some tweets that mention you singularly.

It is a very good idea to monitor your accounts closely so that you can respond to DMs, mentions, retweets, etc.

Signing off

You cannot expect to see improvements if you just keep this up for a short period. For proper results to show, you have to have patience & can refer to this Twitter Marketing Guide.

That is why it is so important to incorporate Twitter and other social media platforms nicely into your brand’s overall digital marketing strategy.

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